Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tea Party

I'll try to be a little more upbeat with this post.

Tomorrow Em and I are making the looong trip up to Delaware/New Jersey.  The reason we are going up tomorrow instead of next week is because this weekend is the Tea Party in Chestertown, MD. 

Ok- brief history ...My parents were born in and grew up in Chestertown, and I was born in Chestertown and lived there for a little bit, until my mom got pregnant with my sister and then we moved to Wilmington.  So, my entire family lives in C-town.  All four grandparents, all of my aunts and uncles (except for an uncle in Idaho) and all of my cousins live in Chestertown (or close-by surrounding towns).  There's a college in Ctown - Washington College, which is a private liberal arts college.  When I was younger, in the summer I would go to softball day camps there, and eventually, I had a friend who went there so I used to go to parties and other events. 

Okay - back to the Tea Party.  So, ever since I was little, I've been attending the Chestertown Tea Party celebration/festival/extravaganza.  Basically, everyone remembers the Boston Tea Party - well apparently, the same kind of thing happened in Chestertown.  Atleast, that's how the story goes..and they re-enact it every year, and the streets are lined with vendors and tents with craftspeople and fun stuff for kids to do.  Up until a few years ago, that was all we did.  But, when I got a little older, I started going to the Raft Race, which is the day after the big celebration.  People build these craazy themed rafts and race them around the river.  A lot of them end up sinking before they hit the finish line!  The last few years, we've gone out on my uncle's boat to watch the race.  I think this year we're doing the same, or maybe meeting up with a few of my cousins.  We'll see.

I'm excited for Em to see the Tea Party.  It's not so much about the actual Tea Party for me anymore.  When I was a kid, I was just overwhelmed with all of the toys and food and games.  But now, what I really enjoy, is just spending time out on the boat in the sun and getting to see all of my family.  

Time to pack...


kelly. said...

have fun at the tea party.! i miss you. hope everything is going well. x kelly

Lindsey said...

have fun! let me know what your plans are for your time up north! have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...


You guys should stop by Shillington, Pennsylvania on your way back :)


Anonymous said...

since i was stalking your page i figured i should leave a comment. hurry back from jersey cause it was great to see you!