Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We're in Jersey, tooling around Chatham and taking care of errands and whatnot. The Tea Party was great, I'll post pictures as soon as I can get them on Em's camera. We had a fantastic time, the weather was perfect, and we were on a boat EVERY SINGLE DAY that we were there. I was seriously a happy camper. When we got back to DE, I got to see Mer and Maria for awhile, which was AMAZING- I miss those girls so much during the year! And now we're in NJ... we hung out with Elaina last night, it was so good to see her too.

Sorry for the lack of interesting things going on.

I'll try to post once more before we head back to North Carolina.

OH! Em and I were accepted to go to PA.CAA!! We are so incredibly excited for it. I'm doing Hand Jive with Rachel, and Em is doing classes with Dan G. and Kelsey, so she's excited to be working with people who she knows and loves. It's going to be sweet this year, I can just tell. I have a perspectives values group.. =) I have missed this so much!


Anonymous said...

Seeing you was amazing as well! Hope NJ is fun but come back and hang out cause maria left me and i have nobody again...also, I heard it's supposed to rain saturday, and I don't wanna go to the beach if it rains :( Hopefully the weather forcast will change! See you soon.

Love, Mer

Lindsey said...

looking forward to dave! i'm off all day tuesday & i think megan's taking a half day, so whenever you want to head to philly, we'll be around. i think our neighbor rachel might come along as well.