Friday, May 9, 2008

There's only one place that calls me one of their own..

Today I'm flying HOME!  My mom is picking me up in Philly when my flight gets in at 7:10.  Tomorrow is my grandmother's surprise 80th birthday party, which no one knows I am coming to (except for my aunt, who was in on the plan).  It should be interesting.  While I'm home, hopefully I'll get to see my cousin Meghan and possibly ELAINA!?!  We'll see ..  ;-)

I'll try to update from DE, but my mom's computer is super slow (she still uses AOL ..).

Oh, also - read Em's post about the tornadoes that we had in Greensboro last night!  Em and I spent about an hour hidden in between the bathroom and the pantry with cushions from the couch.  The severe weather left one dead and TONS of damage to houses and businesses around Greensboro.  Scary stuff.

Love to you all--

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Emmers said...

I thought you were going to update!!