Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Day

Today was such a happy day. We woke up early and drove down to Rehoboth/Dewey Beach for the day. My mom, Em, Kels, me, and then Kelsey's friend Gill and her mom Kristin. We had so much fun! I haven't been to Rehoboth in awhile..usually we go to Dewey because Maria has a beach house there and we visit her in the summer. But, Rehoboth was great and Funland was open, which just brings back memories of my childhood... :-) Playing those silly games and riding on little boats and little fire engines and the Merry-Go-Round. After we hung out in Rehoboth and walked around all of the shops we went over to Dewey to Chicken Ed's for dinner. (It's actually called "Ed's" ... but we always call it "Chicken Ed's" he he) We all got chicken, but when we got up there I saw that they had MD crabs, and then I saw the price - $30 a DOZEN! And those were the smallest size. They're not exactly in season yet, but I wanted them so badly...but I just couldn't ask my mom to get them for me. That's so much money. So I went and sat down to wait for my chicken. So my mom brings all the chicken over, and hands them out, and I didn't get one, and she hands me a beer and says, "Here, this can hold you over 'til those crabs get here.." AHHH!! I love my mom!!!!! I was in heaven!!! What a perfect way to end my perfect beach day!!


Lindsey said...

sounds like a great day! megan & i will have to check out chicken ed's when we're in rehoboth in august

Anonymous said...

yay md crabs!!! sooooo good, I'm glad your momma surprised you, that's amazing! Glad the beach was fun!