Monday, June 2, 2008

New Camera

On Saturday I finally was able to go to the Christiana Mall (yeah DE- no sales tax!!) to buy my Nik.on D60! It's beautiful, and perfect for me. When I first held one in North Carolina, I knew that it was perfect for me, it just fits in my hands nicely and all of the buttons feel very accessible. I played around with it on Saturday night and then haven't had a chance to again until today. We're going over to Valley Gardens later with Kelsey, so hopefully I will get some good shots in there. I won't even tell you the total price I paid for the camera, it's sickening, it's probably the most expensive thing I have ever purchased with my own money. But, I am so excited! I love buying big things for myself, it makes me feel accomplished and it's more satisfying.  This picture of Sydney that I posted is one of the first pictures that I took... she is so cute anyway, but you can definitely tell the difference between this picture and others that I have posted using my old digital camera or Em's.  I think I'll give my old digital camera to my mom (she always gets all of my old technology: iPod, etc.)  

Kels will probably kill me for posting this, but I just have to because it's a great picture.  I took 
this on Saturday night.  She wasn't very happy- she didn't want me to take her picture.  But the lighting was just so perfect, and her eyes are so blue.  Sorry Kels!  You're gorgeous though!

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Kelsey said...

haha you had to post that one! its okay...we didnt have the good ones from valley gardens yet so i don't hate you :) <3