Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're a Family... and we're a tree!

LTLYM #28: Draw your family tree to the best of your ability.

A few things to note about my family tree:

First of all, I accidentally got my grandmother's maiden name wrong. I realized it as it was scanning - my grandmother's maiden name is Lar.rimore, not Plumber. That was her mother's maiden name.

Also, the "x"s represent someone who divorced one of my family members (hence the double slashes, those relationships ended in divorce). I put "x"s not because it's not that those family members didn't mean anything to me, but because for my own family tree, I felt kind of weird putting them on there.. however those "x"s are obviously still important people for their children (my cousins).

So, that's it :)


lindsey said...

that's pretty cool. my grandmother has been working on our family tree - she traced her roots back before the revolutionary war. she's a daughter of the revolution. she wants to publish her findings eventually...it's insane how much she's done and pretty interesting, i wish i could spend more time hearing about it. since i'm the only one carrying on the name (wood), she's going to dedicate the book to me. unfortunately i can't be a daughter since i'm not blood related to her, but i think that would be pretty cool.
yes my family is the gilmore girls.

Emmers said...