Thursday, February 25, 2010

And I Unfold.

I have truly put off thinking about what will happen after May 14, 2010. In 88 days I will be a college graduate, I'll be a real adult. How terrifying... up until now, my entire life has been one big plan. Daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school, college... I've been on this path that majority of other white middle class girls have been on their whole lives as well. And now what? I get this piece of paper that proves that I have an education, that I learned something specific.

It's so bizarre that it's finally (almost) over. The future is scary and exciting... but right now, it's more scary than exciting.


erin - heart in ireland said...

i know how you feel. last year it was this time when i was moving back to the states and i had NO IDEA what i'd be doing, where i'd be living or anything. and it was scary but it has all worked out so far!

good luck!

Olivia said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's how I felt too, as graduation approached. (And even now!) If anyone can do it, you can!


Hopelessly Optimistic said...

Hi! Stumbled upon your blog through 20 something bloggers. Happy to follow you. :)

Rachel Dolgin said...

My hands are high
And I'm holding out, holding up
Because I figure that I just might make it
And I'm waking empty but seldom sleeping
And the words repeat breathing histories into stories untold