Sunday, August 24, 2008


So, classes begin tomorrow. Mine are all online, which adds an interesting factor for the semester. I've never taken an online course before, so it should be interesting. However, it seems like there is just a lot of reading and online discussion and posting. Here are my courses:

Mystics in America
Current Developmental Theory and Research in Human Development and Family Studies
Photography: Contexts and Illusions
Current Controversies in Pediatric Medicine in a Sociological Perspective

That last class is an independent study that I am doing with my neighbor and friend Gwen. We picked the topic together - we wanted it to be something that interests me, and something that I could possibly use for when I apply to Graduate School. One of the things on my list of things to do (which is forever multiplying) is to start looking for reading materials for the class. We are picking fourteen different topics to cover (some of them will include: pediatric vaccines, research funding for pediatric cancers vs. adult cancers, ADD and medications, etc.) I'm really excited for that class!

So, I finally made a decision about my new laptop. I'm went ahead and ordered the Macbook Pro, 15 inch 2.5 ghz. It's basically the middle of the road MBP. I found out that you can get your Mac with custom programs, and with my student discount, I went ahead and had them install Aperture for me. It was a lot cheaper with the student discount, so I spoiled myself. (A rarity these days).


Gooch said...

Your independent study course sounds really, really interesting!

Lindsey said...

it's great that you can take all of your classes online! the independent study sounds amazing and hopefully you'll put some of your findings/things you find interesting here cause i'd love to hear about it.
ooo aperture - i'm trying to decide between that and lightroom, since i can get a good student discount too. definitely let me know how you like it.