Friday, August 22, 2008

Mixed Emotions

I'm back in Delaware.

North Carolina was eventful.  I saw a lot of friends, figured out all of my classes, hung out with my puppy, spent a lot of quality time with Em, and got to see Rachel and Sean as w
ell.  It was a good four days, minus the fact that on the first night I got food poisoning (or something like it) from the food I ate at this Greek restaurant.  I was completely nauseous for most of the time I was th
ere, which was annoying but we worked around it.  

It was so good to see Em.  We are really working hard at trying to improve things.  And we both were very happy this week.  We had a lot of fun doing the normal things we used to do - wandering REI, grocery store shopping, running around campus, going to Ben & Jerry's, watching movies (Cars!), etc.  We had a lot of long talks, long hugs, and beneficial arguments.  I didn't want to leave her at the airport yesterday.  I still have so much love in my heart for her.

this picture was taken at mccoul's, back in september '06.  we were still a secret back then!

Today I am heading to Ctown to take some money out of the bank so that I can buy a new laptop.  I'm still deciding between a Ma.cbook and a Ma.cbook Pro.  Hopefully by tonight I'll make a decision so that we can go tomorrow and pick it up.  

Glad to be back home, but aching for my puppy and my girl.

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Lindsey said...

so glad that you had a good time (despite being sick) in nc! that makes me happy.
as far as the mb/mbp decision - i LOVE my mbp more than i should (hence megan calling it my wife), but probably for you, you'd end up paying for more than you really need, unless you start using your computer for a lot of heavy photo stuff. it's great for me bc i can have photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver AND flash open and running and it won't slow down too much, but for internet/email, etc. it may be more $$ than you want to spend for the computing power. that said, not gonna lie, even if i didn't need all the processing power, i'd still want the mbp...