Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's amazing how smells can be so powerful.  One whiff of a familiar scent, and it can send you to a completely different place and time in your mind.  

Yesterday morning my mom asked me to turn off the AC and open up the apartment.  After opening all of the windows and pulling the screen shut to the balcony, I went back in to my bedroom to start writing a letter for tenure that I'd been meaning to start.  After listening for twenty minutes to the lawn service mow all around the apartment, I distractedly got up and walked out to the kitchen.  Something about the breeze blowing and it smelling like fresh cut grass sent me into this non-specific memory of being at my house in North Graylyn Crest, when my parents were still together.  It felt like a Sunday, and it was springtime.  My dad was out cutting the lawn in the backyard, and the windows of the house were open.  There wasn't anything specific in my memory... no people, or objects really.  It was more just like a feeling.  I closed my eyes and experienced it fully, until it faded.  Then the memory/feeling returned to that place in my brain where I cannot consciously pull it out, but must be reminded by some sort of sensory input.  

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Lindsey said...

isn't smell so weird? for me i can remember a few times smelling something and it reminding me of when i lived in korea - some sort of city smell.