Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Laptop and Weekend Plans

I'm updating from my brand new Macbook Pro ... I love it!  I've become so accustomed to using Em's MBP that this one just feels "normal" to me, and not too much of a big change at all.  I am so happy.

It was delivered to my grandparent's house, and it arrived this afternoon.  So, when I got to their house, I told my Mommom that I would show her how it all works.  I hadn't realized that she had NEVER seen a computer up close before.  Or at least, no one has ever sat down with her and shown her what exactly a computer does.  She was absolutely FLOORED when she found out everything you can do on a laptop (and especially on a Mac).  I showed her how to play music, watch movies, create documents, upload photos and arrange them, how to chat with other people, how to use photobooth (her jaw is probably still on the ground from when I showed her where the camera is, and explained that you can "talk through video" with other people who have a camera).  It was really neat to be able to do that, and she was "just so tickled!"  (note: my grandfather is the cutest man alive.)

I am BEYOND excited because Em and I decided that for labor day this weekend we would meet halfway in Ashland, VA (right near Richmond) and spend the weekend together!  We're meeting up Friday night and staying at a cheap-ish hotel until Monday morning at checkout.  While we're there, we hope to just explore the area, maybe catch a movie, maybe go for a hike (if it's not POURING), and possibly visit a friend who just transferred to Randolph Macon, which is about 7 minutes from where we're staying.  (Kelly- if you read this - we're going to call you in the next day or so!!)  I am sooo happy that we're doing this!  Even though I just saw Em last week, it was stressful being in NC and trying to take care of everything that I needed to take care of, while trying to see everyone who I wanted to see.  This weekend will be a chance for us to relax and have some time to ourselves :-)  I can't wait!


Lindsey said...

that's so cute that you showed your grandmother your computer!
have a fun weekend! i've only been to the richmond area once, it's really pretty!

kelly. said...

ahh!!! i am here. sitting in a hotel right now! please call me and lets go to dinner or something?!?!?! i have stuff going on this summer, but please please let's try and see each other!? ahh that just made my day!! i love you!!

Dan said...

yo! i used the story about your g-mom and the macbook in my sociology class yesterday...hope you don't mind! haha.