Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Go Ahead Now.

Me, running with the ball.  I love my new socks!

Modeling was MUCH better today.  I held the same pose again for the entire class, and this time it was a standing pose.  I was standing with my arm resting on a tall stool and my other hand on my hip.  It wasn't painful at all, except that my hand was severely falling asleep.  One weird thing that happened today - have you ever felt a bead of sweat run down your back or the side of your face?  It kind of tickles or itches, right?  Well, imagine a bead of sweat s.l.o.w.l.y. traveling from your armpit all the way down your side, down your thigh, and all the way down your leg to your foot.  It felt like an ant crawling on me, and I wanted to wipe it off SO BADLY but I couldn't move.  Aghhh!  

One nice thing did happen today, though.  I was heading to the bathroom to change back into my clothes (I wear a robe back and forth to the bathroom/classroom) and ran into one of the girls in the class, and she gave me the nicest compliment about modeling!  It made me feel a lot better... I don't feel self-conscious about my body at all (well, sometimes I do a little) but I mostly feel self conscious about whether I'm modeling okay - wether they can tell my bad knee is trembling when I stand on it too long, wether they can see me very, very slowly shift my head downward so that my neck doesn't get cramped, wether I come back from a break and am able to get back into the SAME EXACT position I was just in.  It was nice to hear some kind words, I think I needed that.  :-)

I don't have the energy to write about my advising appointment yesterday.  Basically, I have to take 3 more classes and an internship to graduate, yet one of the classes is a pre-req for my internship, so this must be done over 2 semesters (there is absolutely, positively, NO WAY that I am allowed to do it in one...grr!)  So, I asked, what am I supposed to fill up all the extra space with?  And my advisor suggested that I maybe do a double-major, since I already completed a lot of my Deaf Ed. classes back before I switched majors.  I'm looking into it, and it may actually be possible for me to complete.  How weird would that be - to graduate with two degrees?  One in Child & Adolescent Development, and one in Advocacy and Programs for the Deaf.

No practice tonight, so I must go get some of my huge research paper done!  It's due Friday - say a prayer, because Lord knows how I will finish it before then!!


erin - heart in ireland said...

that would be awesome if you could do a few more classes and get the second major! that's how i came to major in american studies as well, i only needed to take 2 more history clases.

good luck with the research paper :)

Emmers said...

That would be cool if you could double major without too much hassle!! I bet you can do it!! Also, get to work missy!!