Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday's a Rugby Day

Thing #492 I learned in College: Don't try to carry a keg.  Even if you try it and can physically do it, and at the time it seems perfectly logical, since you are physically able to lift it to whatever tub it's going into... don't do it!  The next morning your wrists will feel as though someone has run over them on a bike.

Yesterdays game went really well- we beat Guilford College, which is always good because they're our big rivals (at least for rugby).  It poured all day long, and our game was muddy and fun.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a great social with the other three teams (Wake Forest, Duke, and Guilford).  The Duke girls are awesome, and we always have fun socialing with them.  I'm actually becoming pretty good friends with a few of those girls, and it stinks that we live an hour apart!

After being close to hypothermia yesterday (not really) and soaking wet and freezing, today I took a long bath and put on nice warm comfy clothes.  I love lazy Sundays.


Daisy said...

Saturday was a rugby day for me rugby league team in UK wone their first game this season :-)
Congrats on your result :-)

Anonymous said...

this post reminded me, do you see sam much anymore?

hope all is well, miss you tons!


Emmers said...

Once again, you played really well, made some great decisions on the field and sucked it up when josie kicked you in the face - thank god it wasnt your nose again!! Good playing chipper!

RugbyTurtle said...

I just about spit tea on my monitor reading about your advice re: do not carry a keg despite how good an idea it seems at the time.


Glad ya'll had a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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