Friday, February 27, 2009


I am absolutely exhausted.  I have been running and running this whole week - 2 big exams, 3 papers due, a big home rugby game on Saturday that we're trying to prepare for.

Today has been out of control.  I had a 9am class, and my class at 12 was canceled, thank goodness, or else I wouldn't have had enough time to get so much stuff done.  After class, Em and my co-captain, Tank, went to Walmart, Michaels, and AC Moore to get supplies for the pong table we are constructing for the Rugby House.  It looks amazing!  We painted it blue, and it has gold triangle outlines where the cups go.  I'm about to go make a stencil of our team's symbol for the middle of the table.  

After working on that for a few hours, Em and I came back here to let Sydney out and I had stat homework to complete online.  Luckily, it was about different kinds of experiments (double-blind, simple random sample, etc.)  so it only took me about 20 minutes to complete.  You can submit the homeworks as many times as you want to, before they're due, and so you just receive the highest grade that you got out of all of them.  So I only had to submit it twice before getting a 100%.  I broke a record today!  :-)

Now, I have to work on a bunch of stuff - on our team we have "Bigs & Littles" like at PACAA and in sororities, just so that the new rookies have someone who's taking them under their wing and making sure they're doing okay with everything.  Since I wasn't here last semester, I didn't get one, but now I have one!  It's funny, because my Little's name is Kelsey... so now I have two little sisters named Kelsey!  I find that amusing.  I bought some neat stuff to make for her for the game tomorrow, so that's on my list of things to do.

The team is going out to eat at Gar.den (mmmm!)  tonight, and after that, a friend of mine from freshman year is going to be in town, so we're all getting together and having a party.  I can't party too hard though, because of our big game tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited about the game because we are going off of well known rugby theme or saying - "Give Blood.  Play Rugby."  (Get it?  B/c we bleed a lot on the field...) So, we got the American Red Cross Bloodmobile to come to our game, so that people can come watch the game, and give blood!  We're hosting another game as well (Duke vs. Wake Forest) so there will be plenty of time for people (NOT PLAYERS BEFORE THEY PLAY A GAME) to donate blood.  We're hoping for a big turnout!!  And then a sweet social after the games :D

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