Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1. I just ate an entire sleeve of Saltine Crackers.  Is that disgusting?  

2. Around this time every year, I start to get this creeping feeling... this is around the time when Em and I start to plan our Spring Break.  The last few years we have gone to some great places - Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, The Keys (I miss being there more than anywhere else).  Oh, and plus last year about 2 weeks after Spring Break we went to Arizona for Em's friend's wedding.  This year, we are saving money and not doing anything special.  But, I keep having visions of palm trees, bluish-green water and white sand... ahh.

Key Largo, March 2008.  No, there's not a balloon in my shorts, that's what my butt really looks like.  ;-)

3. My Race and Ethnic Relations class is going really well.  Except for one thing - there is a guy in there who has zero social skills.  And I don't mean that he's one of those people who chooses to be rude, annoying, etc.  I mean, this is a kid who I honestly believe has some sort of issue - he is completely socially inept.  Our teacher was talking about differing perspectives on things and just threw out the example of "How the World Was Created".  The two main theories being the  Big Bang Theory and then the more religious theory about God taking 6 days to create the Earth and resting on the 7th day, etc.  Anyway, the guy who I'm talking about, let's call him Ned.... he raises his hand (as he does about 97 times in a class period) and starts talking about how The Big Bang Theory isn't right, it's impossible because of [insert 5 minutes of crazy geology jargon here].  Ned does this about 4 times a day, and inserts little comments constantly as well.  Everyone in the class gets pretty fed up with him, and I feel bad for him.  But today, someone took it to a new level.  Ned raised his hand to tell my professor how humans are in NO WAY (he also did a huge hand gesture... picture a 3rd base umpire signaling "SAFE!") related to Apes, yadda yadda... and this kid in the back row yells "DUDE JUST LET HER F_CKING TALK!  JUST LET HER DO HER THING!  YOU ARE CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTING HER!"  And the class fell silent, and the professor just turned to Ned and said, "What were you saying?"  I commend her, I would never, ever be able to be as patient as she is with him.

4. I hate watching Animal Planet.  Is that weird?  I feel like that makes me an animal-hater, which isn't the truth at all.  I love my dog, and I (usually) love my cat.  

That's all for now.


and her heart it is in ireland said...

Hopefully the weather will be nice in NC and you can make a few day trips during Spring Break?

It sounds like Ned has Asperger's or something similar. A friend of mine in college did and it sounds similar to what he would do in class and with us.

And I'm not an Animal Planet fan either, but I love animals.

lindsey said...

i like blog entries in the form of lists!
i love saltines, yum!
i'm not a huge fan of animal planet, though i thoroughly enjoyed watching the special on michael vick's pit bulls and makes me want to rescue a pit.
i'd love to get away for spring break, but it's not gonna happen...boo!