Sunday, February 15, 2009


On Friday night we went to the men's rugby game versus University of Tennessee.  It was a good game, and afterwards we hurried back home so that I could do my stat homework that was due online by 11:55.  As I was doing it, I was so proud of myself for actually reading the chapter each week and even taking notes (!!!).  I try to be really responsible and get all of the homework/quizzes done way ahead of time, so that I'm not scrambling at the last minute to turn it in online.  I even thought to myself, "Wow, I'm so on top of this class so far.  This is awesome."

And then something awful happened.  I went to Blackboard and saw an announcement from my professor.  She was letting everyone know that the exams were available to pick up from outside her door, and the answers to the exam were up on Blackboard.  

Oh. My. God.  ....  While worrying about my FIVE other classes, and while I've been worrying about my online homework and online quizzes, I COMPLETELY FORGOT that there were actual exams on campus.  And the first one had been 2 days before...

Well... I burst into tears and freaked out.  How could I pass the class if I missed an entire exam?  There are only four exams, and I already had a zero on the first one.  Not to mention that the first exam is probably the one I'd do the best on, since it was mostly review of things I'd learned in high school.  I cried and cried, and luckily Em had enough sense to find the syllabus for that class, because she found out that the Final Exam score replaces the lowest exam score.  

So, pretty much I am going to have to make sure that I get excellent scores on all of the exams here on out.

I hate myself for being so caught up sometimes that I forget simple things.  I'm also so mad at myself for not being responsible in the beginning of the semester and writing the dates of the on campus exams down.  At least there is a chance that this won't affect my final grade!


Jennifer Lehmann said...

Oh my gosh that stinks so bad!! I'm sure you'll make up for it though.

Emmers said...

Hey where is your new planner! I am going to check it to make sure that you have written everything down from now on! zizi

and her heart it is in ireland said...

Oh no! At least the final exam score makes up for the lowest one. I would also email the professor just letting them know that you completely forgot the exam, but are still interested in doing well in the class and that you read the syllabus correctly.

forsecondlife said...

I did that for my online philosophy class once (as if that wasn't hard enough) I completely got the date wrong to the FINAL EXAM! I absolutely freaked out and filled out the exam (it was written online) and included this huge letter of apology and general freak-out-ness and thank god for this professor he was so chill that he actually accepted it no a single point knocked off for lateness. I stayed super on top of everything every class I've taken since that one-everything will work out with your class just don't be afraid to go in ask for help when you need it. love.