Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This morning Em and I slept late and then she got in the bath to relax while I made pink heart-shaped pancakes and pink milk!  (Gotta love red food dye!)  After breakfast, we took our time getting ready and hung around the house for awhile.  Then we met some friends at a Mexican restaurant for Margaritas (and I'm STILL feeling that!).  Then we went grocery shopping... the menu for tonight includes: Lemon Rosemary Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, Cream Cheese Yukon Gold Mashed Pototoes, and Green Beans ... yum!  Oh, and a great Pinot Noir that Em found that gave some of its profits to a dog rescue.  :-)  Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Daisy said...

I think this would be my ideal breakfast every day of the week. I have a bit of a pink fondness :-)