Monday, February 16, 2009


Assignment #50. Take a flash photo underneath your bed.

I took a picture under our bed in Em's room (as mine is basically the "guest bedroom" and only has broken down boxes underneath of it).  

Things in this photo: 
-An underneath-the-bed storage tub filled with Em's sweaters.
-Em's safe deposit box (that has barely anything in it!)
-A big backpack
-One of Em's pink fuzzy "princess" slippers.  (hehe)
-The stuffed turtle we bought at the Sea Turtle Hospital on Islamorada in the Keys.  (Notice that his neck is bandaged - they are sooo cool at that place.  It's a must-see if you go to the Keys!!)
-An empty water bottle.
-An ace bandage.
-The tent that Em got me for my birthday!  (The one we set up in the living room and slept in to try it out!!)


Emmers said...


Turtle said...

Always good to see you have a "Turtle" under your bed. In fact, after I play rugby this weekend I just might look like that Turtle bandaged up under my own bed. HAHA!

lindsey said...

wow, i'm surprised that's all that's under there!