Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Advisors, Statistics, and Photos

My advisor completely screwed me over.  I won't be graduating until next Spring now, and I am beyond frustrated about it!  I did all of my homework- I figured out exactly what classes I needed to graduate, and set up my two last semesters.  I told my advisors what my plan was for my last 2 semesters, and she said it sounded great.  Then, I find out a few days ago that one of the classes that I had planned to take at the same time as my internship (next fall) is actually a prerequisite for my internship.  And now it's too late to switch into it (I tried to get special permission...I was not successful.)  They don't offer the class in the summer, either.  So now, I'm going to have to take that in the fall, with the rest of my classes, and then just do my internship in the spring.  How frustrating is that!?  She apologized, but... I think she should have to pay for my extra semester.  Have any of you ever been screwed over by your advisor?

In better news, I am doing well in my online statistics class.  So far, I have a 95 average!  That's only with two homework assignments and two quizzes, but seriously, that's really good for me!  Soon we'll be getting into things that are harder than histograms and standard deviations though... and then I'll probably need to hire my friend Kim as a tutor, haha.  We'll see!

In the last few days I've learned A LOT more about my camera, which is exciting for me.  I'm able to do a lot more things manually now.  I always knew what things like ISO and aperture would do if I changed them, but I never totally understood why.  Now I do, and I'm able to put it to use!  My photos are still nowhere near what I'm shooting for (one day... one day!) but I feel like I'm actually making progress.  I owe this to this awesome manual I found online, and this really sweet woman who is a professional photographer who found my PAD and has been leaving me little tidbits of advice.  It's almost embarrassing for me to know that she's looking at my photos because they are certainly nothing special, and hers are GORGEOUS.  One day, I hope that I can take photos just like her!  Here is her website if you'd like to check it out.  And if you live in Ohio, book her!  


and her heart it is in ireland said...

Ugggh, that stinks about that class/internship. Since you would only be doing the internship can you just be part-time and only pay for those credits? Luckily I had no problems with my adviser but I was always panicking because trying to fit 2 majors with secondary edu and studying abroad in 4 years was quite the feat.

YAY for the stats class, the last time I took a math class was my junior year of HS...

And I need to learn more about my camera's manual settings, I would love to be able to do more with my camera.

Gooch said...

It's unfortunate that your graduation will be delayed because of an oversight on your advisor's part. Ugh! That really stinks.

I am glad you are enjoying your stats class. It is my favorite class to teach, by far. I'm curious. Is it a math stats class or a stats class in a social science department? I teach stats for social scientists and it is bit different. The focus is on interpretation much more than calculation.

Have a great day!

lindsey said...

that sucks that your graduation is delayed...can you take it through another unc or something like that?

Lady V said...

That's awful. Your adviser really messed up there :-(
Gorgeous photos on the website you posted...one of my aims this year is to start taking better photos.

Danielle Luc said...

thanks for your kind words :) you'll get where you want to be - would you believe ive only been doing this professionally for a little over a year now?! just keep going for your goals and you'll figure it out.

it doesnt take forever, i went to school for NURSING! I'm almost 25 and after not being able to work good shifts (new hires get the last shift picks) and having my appendix out, i decided that i could and would stay home with my kids and get back to my artful hobby. my husband is a fireman who works 24 hour shifts every third day here in our town, so it gives me time to work on things whenthe kids go to bed.

dedicate that time to yourself to - even with school and whatever else you have going on - to give yourself creative time to just play and be free with it. hit up people with kids that you know and offer to shoot for free for practice. i did this for a year before i went into business and it was so worth it!

i'll be here to ramble on online forever, never be afraid to ask anything!

horray for you!

Vickie said...

Things don't always go the way we planned, but it is a measure of your courage and wisdom that you can re-group and make something good come from it.