Sunday, March 1, 2009


LTLYM #14: Write Your Life Story In Less than 24 Hours.

Just a heads up- this is LONG!  But, I did it, so whether or not you read it, it's a task accomplished.  :-)

I was born at exactly 5pm on April 17, 1987. My dad chose the name Kristen and my mom chose my middle name: Nicole. I was born at Eas.ton Memorial in Maryland, and lived in Chestertown, MD until I was almost two. My entire family lived there, so I saw them often.

(I love this photo, because it's very telling about my parents. And because my mom looks so pretty to me)

Then we moved to Wilmington and lived in a townhouse right near the border of DE and Pennsylvania. When I was 2 years and 3 months old, my little sister, Kelsey was born. I went to a daycare called, where I made a lot of friends and my sister joined me when she was old enough. I ended up attending kindergarten there, which was great because there were only six children in my class and I received a lot of one-on-one attention. I have specific memories of this place that include: a St. Patrick's Day party that included all foods that were green, and I tried Kiwi for the first time, My first fire drill and the effect it had on me, my mom sending me there with some compacts that were pretty much empty and a few chapsticks, but all the other girls thought it was soooo cool that my mom let me bring "make up" to school.

I had my first experience with death/loss while at as well. My sister made a best friend there, B, and we became very close with their family. We remain close family friends today, and Kelsey and I grew up having playdates with them. When I was six years old, B's younger sister, L, passed away in a tragic boating accident. I remember very, very clearly my mom sitting Kelsey and I down and explaining it to us. It really affected me, I think because the first person that I ever knew who died was a child near my own age, instead of an old person. I also remember how one day soon after that, we had all substitutes in, so that all of the staff could attend L's services.

I graduated Kindergarten and went to a public elementary school for 1-3 grade. I missed exactly one day of school during that time, and it was to attend the services for my great-grandmother. The summer after first grade, we moved to a house in a neighborhood. My best friend lived down the street from me, and I was intensely content with my life. My school was in my neighborhood, so I walked there. For 4-6 grade I went to a secondary elementary school that was a bus ride away, so I began taking the bus with Mr. Roman - the best bus driver ever. I enjoyed my time at that school, but that elementary school had more children than my high school did, so I often felt lost there. Specific memories: In 4th grade, I won the class Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, and Math Bee. The "Math Bee" was actually just a big competition for the game "Math 24". I won the class competition, and then tied for first in the school competition. So, my classmate and I went to University of Delaware for the state-wide competition and placed 14th. PS. I HATE Math, but love this game!

I moved onto middle school, where I acquired a new group of friends, since the feeder pattern for my school district sent my old friends to a different middle school. I was very happy at this new school.  I loved my teachers, my friends, and I got decent grades.  Overall, my experience at HMS was positive.  I first started playing field hockey there, and I wasn't great (I never was that great at hockey...lacrosse was always more my thing).

At the end of my 8th grade year, my parents let us know that they would be getting a divorce. Actually, my mom let us know that she would be leaving my dad.  I could write a novel, but I'll leave it with just that.  We moved into a new house, new neighborhood, but I was happier and so was my mom, so all was well.  

High school was an interesting ride.  Bullets may be easier:

  • Freshman year was uneventful.  On my third day of high school, 9/11 happened, which affected me greatly.  I discovered Lacrosse and fell in love.  I dressed for varsity in one game, and from that moment on, I never wanted to play anything else.
  • Sophomore year I really found my "place" and loved my group of friends.  I became very close with some of the guys in our group of friends, and loved hanging out with them!  I'd never been good friends with guys before.  I loved my Biology class that year- Me, Meredith, Elise, and Mary had it together and we all sat together.  I felt so accepted.  I played varsity Lacrosse that year, got my driver's license, got "Greeon the Neon" (my car) which my friend Stevie named.  
  • Junior year was really rough.  They say that bad things happen in threes... and that year, The Unbloggable happened, Liam was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, and I blew out my knee playing lacrosse.  That's about all that I remember from Junior year.  One good thing did happen - the summer after Jr. year, I made Jr. Staff at PACAA, which was a very big accomplishment for me.
  • Senior year was much better- I finished up with Physical Therapy and felt very good about my knee.  I was able to play lacrosse, was chosen first team All State and was also chosen to play in the Senior All Star Game for the state of DE.  I got into all of the universities I applied to, and chose my favorite of the 5.  Liam went into remission, I had a great graduation and grad party, wonderful senior week, and great last summer before college.

I got to college my freshman year, loved my roommate, joined rugby, fell in love with the sport and the people, and never thought again about playing another sport.  I became a Zulu Warrior (look it up), and had a great first semester.  Liam passed away in November, and that kick-started a bit of a rough period for me.  That spring, I captained our Relay for Life time, and we raised more money than anyone else at the relay!  Our team name was "Legs for Liam".  I got my first job- at a restaurant, and worked and lived in North Carolina all summer.  

My sophomore year I adopted my dog Sydney, met Em, and we began dating in October.  I became a captain of my rugby team, and did well in my classes.  My mom moved into an apartment, which was a big deal for us.  Em and I took a great trip to Florida for Spring Break. In May, my family took a trip to Idaho and Yellowstone, and it was one of the most memorable times of my life.  That summer, I had a fantastic time working at a camp for 8 weeks.  I made some of my best friends there, and I miss it a lot. 

Junior year wasn't very excited.  Em and I moved into a house with our friend, Liz.  I switched majors, and became a Child and Adolescent Development major.  I continued to be a captain, and got my nose shattered in a rugby game and had to get reconstructive surgery.  Em and I took a trip to the Keys for Spring Break, and then in May my mom started feeling pretty sick, so I went home for the summer.

Senior year began, except that it didn't really begin.  I attended PACAA, and the night we returned, my mom shared the news with us that she had been diagnosed with cancer- Renal Cell Carcinoma.  I made the decision to take a semester off, which I do not regret.  I spent 5 wonderful months with my mom, helping to take care of her when she had a very invasive surgery, and spending quality time just hanging out with her.  This semester, I returned to school, got back to rugby and my life. 

That's pretty much it!  I'm sure I forgot to mention some key items, but this was looong!!


Emmers said...


:) Its amazing how you remember so many details in your life. I dont think I could write a very accurate account of my life so far, as a lot of it is just a blur.

Olivia said...

I know we never met but I came across your blog through my friend, Jennifer L.

You are simply amazing. Your soul is in everything you write & share. You've inspired me to start my own LTLYM. Thank you!

Olivia said...

Definitely! I'll add yours too. Thanks!!

Daisy said...

That's amazing.
I have a couple of really vivid memories, and then the rest kind of becomes a blur.

erin - heart in ireland said...


That was awesome! I really enjoyed reading that and you remember so much! I might have to write one, that looks like fun thinking about it all.

And I never knew you were that good at LAX :)