Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I had an amazing 4th of July weekend! I don't have any photos yet, because I left my camera cord in NC, so my roommate is sending it up to me.

I got into town on Thursday afternoon, and spent it with my 3 favorite children- Coulby, Emma, and Jack. When Kim and I went to the zoo a few weeks ago (see photo) -

we stopped in the gift shop and even though I am broke as anything, I couldn't help but buy these cute pink horses for Coulby and Emma- I knew they would love them. So we played with them, they swam in their pool, and we ran around in the backyard until bedtime. I realized how much I miss summertime as a kid - running around the yard barefoot, catching fireflies and eating popsicles on the back step. We are so lucky :)

Friday I saw lots of family, and on Friday night there were fireworks in Rock Hall. They always do them on the 3rd and it's the biggest night of the year in that tiny town. We went out on my uncle's boat to watch them, and tons of my family were there. Afterwards we headed over to the bar and hung around until the band stopped and we were tired. We also wanted to conserve energy for Saturday- the best day of the year, in my opinion!!

Saturday we slept in, and then went to my Uncle's house back in Rock Hall for a big cookout/crab feast. The food was amazing and everyone was there- we left around 3 and went back to Chestertown to get everything ready to go out on the boat. After slipping into our suits and packing the cooler, we hopped in the boat and cruised around the river, picking up my cousin Kate and her boyfriend, and meeting up with some of Meg's friends. We stayed out on the boat pretty much all day, except when we stopped back for some pizza, and we anchored out to watch the fireworks show, which was completely astounding. The fireworks were so big, and so loud and beautiful... if you know me well, you know that July 4th is my favorite holiday of the year, because even though I hate loud noises, I LOVE fireworks! We were so close that we had to look almost straight up to see them, and ashes and embers were flying into the water about 20 feet in front of us at some points. Amazing...

Today we woke up, watched Shark Tale, and then made an amazing lunch - Pasta with meat sauce ( was so good!) and garlic bread. Then I drove to Middletown, picked up my mom, and we came back home. Soon, Kels will get here - she took care of Sydney this weekend for me. I'm excited to hear about how it went.

I hope everyone had a safe and awesome holiday weekend!!


Olivia said...

So glad you had a nice weekend. It sounds like it was just what you needed!


Emmers said...

Glad to hear you had a great 4th of July. Chatham's fireworks were great, and we even went to the parade in the morning - gotta love a small town :) See you in a few weeks!