Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Organize and Excite!

I just got off the phone with Erin's mom and my excitement is continuing to build for what I am arranging to happen at PACAA this year. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the special event that the senior staff is organizing for the leaders will consist of a bunch of different stations for the leaders to do small community service projects. I originally wanted to do something for ALSF, however I couldn't figure out what we could do aside from having an actual lemonade stand (which would be hard for 125 teens to participate in all at once!) After thinking it through and considering my options, I asked Vickie if she thought it would be possible for our leaders to make ERIN LANYARDS! I can only imagine what was running through Vickie's head when she read that email! With less than 4 weeks notice, she was faced with organizing a lanyard making workshop halfway across the country, for 160 people! Thankfully, she was totally game for helping with my crazy idea, and our leaders will officially be making Erin Dream Lanyards at PACAA!

Here are some examples of beautiful lanyards that were all sold back in March. (I ordered number 36, and I'm saving it until I do my internship in Jan. at Brenner Children's Hosp. where I will have an ID badge!)

I am so incredibly excited to be able to do this! We will make the lanyards, and I will have them shipped back to Vickie in Texas. From there, the lanyards will be sold through various means and 100% of the profits will go to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. I'm excited for the leaders to get involved with something like this... (although it was 4, 5 years ago, some of them remember Liam and his fight against NB, and many of the Leaders Clubs did fundraisers for him). Think about how each of them is (hopefully) going to feel like they are making a difference. Someone is going to buy their beaded lanyard and make a donation to the CNCF. And it's all in honor of this beautiful, zestful, ACTION-PACKED girl!

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Amber said...

I love those lanyards, what a great fundraising idea. Is there a way that we can purchase one online?