Friday, July 24, 2009


Tonight at 9pm at Kutztown University, PACAA will officially begin for staff members!! Of course, I haven't started packing yet - my plan is to do laundry all morning (I have one more load to do) and then pack before I meet my dad for lunch...Or at least start packing! I have a lot to remember.

Action shot of me at PACAA 40, my last year on Jr. Staff (2006). I'm making the dedication board (the theme that year was "Forever Young", so the dedication board was made to look like a light bright, and the pieces of paper that the teens used to make dedications were brightly colored circles, made to look like the pegs of a lightbright!)

Everything is set and ready to go for the teens to make Erin Dream Lanyards. I'm a little anxious, mostly about whether or not they will have enough time to complete them, but yesterday I made a few just to see how it would go and I don't think the teens will have a problem. The hardest part for me was just picking out the colors I wanted and what beads, the selection is so huge and they are all so pretty! I love that we are doing this, and I can't wait to see the lanyards that the teens produce. Also, I love this photo of Erin in action:

This week, we will CREATE and SERVE our community in honor of Erin!!!

A side note: if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that I have a serious issue with eczema that pops up and decides to throw me a curve ball every once in awhile. Last weekend was a lot of fun, however I think that one of either two things made me break out horribly: swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, OR enjoying the hot tub at the beach. By Wednesday, I was fully broken out and the eczema/rash took it's worst form - covering my stomach and back. OUCH. I was able to talk the dermatologist into squeezing me in yesterday for a visit. I knew I had to go on medicine before I got to PACAA or else I would go absolutely insane while I'm there. (We don't get much sleep as staff members, and when we DO have the opportunity to sleep, we really have to get some so that we have enough energy to give these teens the best week of their summer.) Luckily, the doc prescribed me a 10 day step down steroid pack, some antibiotics, and two different steroid creams. Hopefully this will give me some relief... the night before last I didn't fall asleep until 6am because of the itching, and that was after taking 3 benadryls and an oatmeal bath. I eventually fell asleep by laying a cold, wet towel on the floor in the bathroom and covering myself with another cold, wet towel. So pitiful! I started the steroids yesterday, and they are already starting to work, so that's a really great sign!!

I'll probably update once at PACAA, since we will have wireless... no promises though, it's going to be a busy week!!!


Emmers said...

we're here and can we skip ahead a night or two so we can get to work on the Erin Lanyards! They are beautiful!!!

Vickie said...

I have to totally agree with Emmers! Let the wild rumpus start.

Thank you all!! I can hardly wait to view the palette of beauty.