Thursday, July 9, 2009

Phils for the win!

We went to the Phillies game tonight - what a great game! It was very up and down, but it was clear that the Phils were going to pull off a W. They did win 9-6, and after the game we witnessed the most breathtaking fireworks display. I do love some good fireworks! They went on for about 40 minutes, and the finale was just incredible! 3 fireworks shows in one I spoiled or what?

Tomorrow night my friend Dan and I are going to a concert in Philly. Jay Brannan is playing- I hadn't heard about him until a few weeks ago when Dan introduced me to his music. I'm super excited to hear him, he has a lot of original stuff and also a few covers. I haven't been to a good concert in months! Here is a video of him covering Ani DiFranco's "Both Hands" (another artist/song that I love!) My favorite song by him is called "Half-Boyfriend" ... you should go download it - legally!

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Rachel Dolgin said...

can dan please socktube this ani cover for me? amazing and love it! you guys must have had a bangin time at the concert.