Sunday, April 29, 2007

C*mp H**ver

A beautiful picture that Em
took last summer at camp.

The director of C*mp H**ver called me this evening to finish my interview. After a few questions and explanations, I was hired to be a UL (Unit Leader). I am so relieved that she finally called me, because now my summer plans are definitely cemented. I was pretty confident with my application and interview, but I wasn't completely sure. I'm really excited to be working at camp, I've always wanted to be a camp counselor. I was absolutely IN LOVE with my counselors at Grove Point when I went there. However, I'm also insanely nervous and apprehensive. Em has known these girls for like half of her life.. they've been going there and working there for years. I hate being the new kid! I'm good at getting along with people.. I just hate not knowing how things work, where things are, and who everyone is. I'm so nervous that they won't like me!

I watched the ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship on tv today. Virginia blew the Tar Heels out of the water in the second half to win 12-6 (I think). It made me so sad to watch! I miss lacrosse soooo much, it's not even able to be put into words how much I miss the feeling of playing.

It hit me today that I'm actually done with school for the year. I have one more final, but I'm basically done. I was sitting on the bed and it hit me that I hadn't looked at what I needed to do for the week, and then I realized that I'm all done! It's a good feeling, now I can just focus on making money and saving it.

I'm going to go eat my frozen raspberry lemonade pop and be content with Sydney.
Love everywhere,


Amanda Spivak said...

hey kristen! i thought i would stop by your blog page after getting the message on facebook. i am excited that you got a position as a camp counselor. i always wanted to be one too cause i loved my counselors when i went to camp at the ymca.

i just realized that same thing that you did. i am done my first year of college! i have one more test and then i am complete! its really exciting to think about!

i can't wait to see you at the rally and i miss you so so much!

Lots of LoOOVvvVEee

Maria said...


I always love reading your posts; you know that. CONGRATULATIOS on being a couselor! You'll be great--don't be silly.

Also, it makes me smile that you called "tech" "virginia" b/c the people FROM virginia called it "tech" (which is where I picked it up from), and I've noticed people from home call it Viginia Tech. :) Basically, I just love language and the use of it, so I thought i'd point it out.


Anonymous said...

...shows how well i pay attention.


Nick said...

thought i'd fill this in..

that girl scout camp is by our where we leave..

we have a band based on the same name.. hence we all live on grove point.. if your at the camp.. ask around.. they probably know of us all..