Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Stone Mountain in NC

The weather has finally perked up down here.. it's about 70 today and slightly breezy. Thank god, I've been suffering from horrendous cabin fever lately. Tomorrow Em and I are going to hike either Stone Mountain or Hanging Rock, both state parks with beautiful views. Stone Mountain is really rough on the knees though- it's steep and all rock (obviously).

I'm done with classes in FIVE days. I'm totally psyched, I can't wait for the adventure that May and June will be. Tennessee in a few weeks, Spring Rally, and my mom IMed me last night to let me know that she'd booked our hotel for Idaho. I'm really excited, I've never really been out in the Northwest. While we're in Idaho we're going to go over to Yellowstone National Park and stay a night there too. I'm so excited!! Em's going to keep Sydney for that week, and then I'll come back and have a week in between, and then off to camp! (Assuming that I'm actually going to be hired...)

Just a short post today, it's so nice out and Em's been cooped up here all afternoon while I was out helping Steph and Amy move. We're going to go find something to do.
Love everywhere,

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