Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

Me and Rachel, Church St. in Burlington- March
06, I love this picture so much, even
though I look
like such a dork!

Laura James took this picture of me, and I was
thinking really hard about when she took it, and it
was Thanksgiving break my freshman year.
It was the night before Liam's funeral.

The weather in North Carolina is so gross right now. It kind of reflects my mood at the moment... it's been pouring all day, and the trees are all blowing around everywhere. It's just one of those days where you lay around and watch TV and listen to the rain. I chose the two pictures above for a couple of reasons. Well, first of all, I've been thinking about Rachel a lot lately for some reason - I've really thought about the friends that I have down here, my friends from DE, and my friends from leaders. I hate how far away I am from all of those people. And we are all spread out... Vermont, Virginia, Colorado.. and everywhere else in between.

I've begun looking at universities that offer graduate programs in my major. I came up with these 14 schools:
University of Georgia
Colorado State
East Carolina University

Illinois State

Springfield College (Mass.)

University of Akron (OH)

University of Alabama

University of Pittsburgh

University of Utah

Vanderbilt (TN)

Wheelock College (Boston Mass)
and three schools in California:
University of La Verne
Loma Linda University

Mills College

I've thought about all of these locations, and since most of them are pretty far from home, I'm kind of pumped for the adventure that grad school will bring. It should take 2-3 (leaning more towards the 2) years. I've already decided that I don't think I want to stay in the south- so that means Georgia, Vanderbilt, Alabama, and East Carolina are out (not out completely..) The rest of them, I'm pretty open to suggestions or research- I know it seems like a long ways away but it's really not... in 24 months I graduate from college.

The ones that catch my eye? Wheelock in Boston, Colorado State, University of Utah... I'd prefer to attend a school that has some what of a reputation, but... I've got time to look at them and really research the schools. In the mean time, Holden is pawing at my toes and begging for dinner (which he already ate..).

Time to head to the grocery store.
Love everywhere,


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll strongly consider the University of La Verne. I am trying to secure a job there right now and have just had a wonderful experience with the people -- even in the midst of the anxiety produced through job hunting.

The environment is truly supportive and academic standards are high. In the end, you have to find the school that fits you. I wish you all the luck in the process.

Anonymous said...

1. thats not the most flattering picture of me either...that was a real fun weekend tho...i was actually talking to my good friend patty about that weekend the other day cause he was talking about how the first time he met me i was chugging a disc really fast and cheering on my friend (you) who was struggling...haha...i miss you so much.

2. you should consider cali schools fo sho...i have a feeling i might end up there after undergrad as would be super sweet to be close to you for a change.

3. hope you have a happy free cone day/20th birthday!!!

4. core four is boss...i just felt like it had been too long since ive said that.