Sunday, April 1, 2007

Morals Week or... Weak Morals? ....

Joe, me, Stacey and Jess after the police kicked us
off of College Ave and we headed to the fountain to
protest "silently".

Morals week is over, and so is my anger :) There is still a lot to debate - none of it really having to do with the College Republicans' point of view- more of it having to do with the fact that the CRs call it "Morals Week" ... and the fact that it happens to fall the exact week of PRIDE! Week each year... I really don't need to overreact though. In fact, I do attend one of the most liberal colleges in the state of North Carolina, and I do know that there are FAR more liberals at UNCG than conservatives. Overall, protesting was great but I don't think it did much. The CRs are so set in their ways and stubborn, and they like the response that they get - it gives them so much publicity.

In other news, Em's cousin had a baby last week, her name is Elena soon to come. We were able to visit her on Friday, the baby is adorable of course and so is her big brother, Dylan.

Saturday we had our Serendipity Match. Everyone took pictures but me, so I'll have to steal one off facebook to post. Let me just tell you... my dress was HOT (I looked like I was a bridesmaid in a 1984 wedding...) and Em looked like Little Bo Peep. We beat Guilford 10-5 in a well fought match. The highlight: the game got a little rough and someone tackled Em and then was so angry that they just began ripping her dress off of her in shreds. Everyone on the field just stopped and watched - it was insanity.

Not much else is new. Today the Dolgin family (minus my favorite one) visited UNCG and so I gave them a tour around and we went to Brixx for lunch. It was fun, I can't believe Sean is already looking at colleges. I hope he does apply to UNCG, it's a great school with a really beautiful campus and there's just tons to do here. Plus, it might be nice to have a little brother around :)

I have to go finish some things... today is 6 months for Em and I (somebody smile because that's a big deal for me!) so I have to get ready for whatever plans the evening will bring :) Love to everyone, everywhere.
And keep spreading that peace.

Oh, also, please say a prayer for Penelope London's family. She's nearing the end and she's a beautiful little girl. Keep her in your thoughts, that she be taken away from all of that awful pain.
(F U NB...F U.)


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ps you are a brat. but I love you. ;-)

Emmers said...

WHO LEFT YOU THAT NOTE!?!?! You gots some splainin' to do!