Friday, April 13, 2007

Kendall and Austin

Kendall Jackson 5.2.02 - 4.11.07

Austin Akin 4.2.05 - 4.6.07

The NB world lost two of it's boys within 5 days this past week. Kendall and Austin both passed away very unexpectedly. Their parents were only given a few days (or in Kendall's case, one day) notice.

This year has been atrocious. First, Nick Snow, then Amazing Jacob Duckworth, then Chrystal, followed soon by the famous Christi Thomas. Brent Nason and Laura Stiles followed at the end of December, and now Kendall and Austin. Penelope is nearing the end, and she's in a lot of pain...

It breaks my heart how the Neuroblastoma monster continues to steal away the innocence of these children. We have to find a CURE!

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