Sunday, April 8, 2007

I think you should learn to dream, just like the dreamers do.

Things have been pretty uneventful around here. Today is Easter but the only reason I even care about it is because everything is closed!! Em and I have been cursing the south since we woke up ;)

I have some pictures from the Serendipity match-

Um... my legs are STRAIGHT up in the air.
You can tell it's me because of the knee brace.

Em looks like Little Bo Peep.

Me and Liz :D

So, this is something interesting-- probably only to the members of the LSC. Does everyone remember senior year when I spent about 2 months STRAIGHT working on cards for Sarah Cates's birthday? I lived and breathed those freaking cards, and when I was done I finally got a full night's sleep and ate an entire meal haha. Well, as much as I looked forward to being done those cards, I really enjoyed making them. And, since Em is an art major, we spend A LOT of time at Michaels and AC Moore. And a few weeks ago, I decided to buy some supplies to make a few more cards- just for fun. And now, I am COMPLETELY obsessed- all over again! Only now, I have learned a ton of better ways to do things, plus Em got me this amazing tool kit to make holes and attach eyelets and thread ribbon. So, Em and I have been throwing around the idea of selling our cards. Em's friend sells some things on, which is a cool website to sell all handmade things. We might wait until after this summer to being selling them, because it will be hard to take care of things when we're both at C**p H**ver. Here's some of the cards I made in the last week:

Please excuse the blur of the pics- but anyways, of course they look better in person (in my opinion). It takes about an hour a card, but surprisingly - I just put on my iPod and don't even notice the hours tick by. It's really relaxing - and I feel like I found some sort of outlet for my creativity :) Plus, when Em and I begin to sell them (if they sell at all!), then a portion of our proceeds will most DEFINITELY be going to either CNCF or NANT (Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation and New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy). Or perhaps straight to Dr. Maris (my doctor-hero, he is head of NB therapy at CHOP).

So that's about all that's up. May and June are going to be totally bank - We're doing a ton of fun stuff. Em and her best friend Lindsey are going to Vanderbilt in TN to see one of their close friends graduate - Em invited me, but I'm just not sure if I will.. after that, it's the Spring Rally (wooo, who else will be there!?!) Then we hope to move into our new place, after that I have my cousin's wedding and Kelsey's graduation, and then a week after that is our trip to Idaho!! I'm super excited, I've never been farther west than Cleveland (and that was just a layover at the airport...haha). And a week after I get back from ID, it's time for camp! Which I will write more about later. I'm so, so soooosososososooooo nervous to work there this summer.

Happy Easter, if that's your style.
Love everywhere,


Anonymous said...

I love you

Lindsey said...

don't know if you know i read this, but you're better at updating your blog than em so she tells me to read yours. anyway, your cards are really cute & you should totally sell them on etsy! i've been browsing etsy for random art things for our apt & have stumbled upon lots of fun stuff like yours and some DEFINITELY not as nice as yours. so go for it!

Anonymous said...

where in the world did you find those amazing dresses?! i struggled to find a dress for our 80's party...i hope em found her sheep.

by the way, i can totally see you making a living out of arts and crafts and me benefiting from your beautiful creations. keep it up girl.

see ya at the rallyyyyy! pros are comin back with a vengence!