Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday was our last game of the season, against Guilford College. We've never lost to them, and I was determined to keep it that way. At the end of the first half, the score was 10-0 us (which means we had scored 2 tries, worth 5 points each, and missed both of our conversion kicks, worth 2 points each) During the second half we were obviously extremely tired, and they scored one try, making it 10-5. With about 15 minutes left in the game, their biggest girl (and nastiest..) had a break away and right on the try line I went in to tackle her, and that's the last thing I remember.

The next thing I remember is staggering off the field, my hand to my face, and I could feel that my nose was completely sideways. As I was going off the field, Em was coming on and she took one look at me and the look on her face freaked me out so bad, she immediately made me lay down and hold very still. And after that, I just remember people talking to me as I drifted in and out, waiting for the ambulance.

So, unfortunately, I spent all evening in the Emergency Room, luckily I was given a good amount of morphine (yes, morphine!) I have a concussion and completely displaced, broken nose. Even worse- my nose is so swollen that it can't be fixed until the swelling goes down - so probably a week or so. So, I will have a broken nose for Thanksgiving... great :-)

Aside from the smashed nose and concussion, everything else is fine. I babysat for Vance and Macy yesterday, who were sooo excited to see me. I missed them too. I'll post pictures of them and of my face/nose as soon as I can. I'm pretty drugged up on excellent pain medication, so I've just been laying around and drifting in and out of sleep today. I fly home Tuesday morning, so you'll hear from me before then.

Love everywhere,

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