Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A quick update

Monday night someone tried to break into our house. I was home by myself and at about 6, the power went out. Just as I began to think that it was strange, as the weather outside was fine... the power came back on. I went back to what I was doing, and 30 seconds later, it went out again. This time, for good. It was pitch black, and Sydney was at my side immediately. I decided to go check outside to see if our neighbors had lost power as well. Right as I opened up my door, the power came back on, and there was a man standing on the porch who turned away and jumped off the side of the porch and ran to the back of the house. I grabbed Sydney's collar and we ran to our neighbor's house and called 911. After calling two more times, the police finally showed up at MIDNIGHT. They didn't even write a report (mostly because he never entered the house or actually tampered with anything. He could have been trying to steal the two bikes on the porch). Either way, it was a long ordeal - and we later ended up spending from 3am-8am in the Emergency Room with our roommate Liz. (She's okay now).

After it happened, I felt fine - thankful that I was safe, but now, two days later, I just feel kind of unsafe/vulnerable. I find myself becoming more upset when Em has to leave for class in the afternoon and I am here by myself. Today I almost went with her to her design class! The experience also left me with another feeling - the family that lives next door to us is very cute. A mom & dad, and their 2 kids. They have a boy, Dylan, who is 4 and a baby girl, Abbey, who is 1. The family dynamic is SO reminiscent of the Kanes. I didn't realize it until I was hanging out with them, waiting for the police. Dylan is so proud of his little sister. "She took four steps today, because her legs are getting strong!" So cute...and Abbey, of course, is completely infatuated and obsessed with her older brother. It reminds me SO MUCH of Liam and Alli, and I didn't realize it until the next day. When I realized that, it actually sent me into a panic. This time of the year is always so hard for me. But more about that later.

So..lock your doors and windows and everyone stay safe.

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