Thursday, November 1, 2007


When camp ended this summer, I reached into the little secret pocket at the top of my backpack, where I had stored my grandmother's engagement ring for 8 weeks, only to find the little pocket empty. Yes... the first ring that my grandfather gave to my grandmother when he proposed, that my grandmother gave to me on my graduation day, that she had specifically sized for my finger... was... gone... lost somewhere in the woods of northern New Jersey. I cried for awhile, but eventually the tears turned into just anger at myself for not just leaving the ring at home, in NC, in my jewelry box.

Yesterday while Em was at class, I was looking for something in our bedroom and came across the backpack that I used this summer at camp. I thought about the ring (which I usually think about every once in awhile, when my finger feels naked) and searched through that secret pocket one more time...nothing. Not even a hole that the ring could have fallen through.

Then it hit me. There is a special clip inside the front pocket of the bag, for clipping your keys or whatever else may be on a key ring. I pulled out the clip. There, gloriously attached, was a dirty rubberband, and the simple, silver, diamond chip ring. I have no recollection of putting the ring on that clip, but nonetheless, I haven't taken it off since. I think I must have lost weight or something, though, because it slides off way too easily now.

Em and I are having a major issue with Sydney, next time I post I will share it, with the hopes that one of you may have some sort of insight as to what we can do, because we are at the end of our rope.

Love everywhere,


Elaina said...

I think that is the very reason my mother still won't give my my grandmother's engagement ring that she left to me when she died. I was supposed to get it on my 18th birthday, but mom decided it was better if she "just held onto it for a little while longer".
If she ever sees this, I'll never get that ring.

miss you.

kelly. said...

i am so happy you found it! :) funny how things work out sometimes. miss you mucho. xx

Emmers said...

I knew that you didn't really loose it - its just so unlike you to misplace something so important to you.

Glad you found it cutie.