Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random Things

No photo today.. I'm updating from campus. For once I have a huge break in between classes because I finished an exam early.

I registered for classes for next semester. 18 hours.. interesting classes, though. MWF I have: Theories and Principles of Parenting, Families and Children- Global Perspective, Social Problems, and Relational Communication. TTh I have: Family Diversity and Child Observation/Assessment. This is guaranteed to be my hardest semester yet, but that's okay with me. I've been really lucky about my schedules so far. And for all you H**verites - it looks like I might (MIGHT) be making my way back to camp next summer... because I can use my job there as my long as our boss agrees. (which means technically, I could graduate a semester early, not that I plan on it though haha.)

To everyone who had an idea about Sydney who either let me know on my blog or elsewhere - Thank you! We're basically trying a combination of things.. including gates, re-crate training her while we are home, and some children's benadryl for when we have to be gone for longer than a few hours. (ex: rugby game on Sat.) I'll keep you updated.

Tomorrow should be really fun- After we get done classes, at 11, Em and I are driving to Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, SC to spend some time with our friend, Katie Krize. After receiving devastating news last month about the progression of the cancer in her body, she is still fighting this thing tooth and nail. Currently she is receiving chemo as part of her treatment plan. Stop in and send her some love!

I guess that's enough random bits of information for today. I guess the only thing else I have to say is that I really want someone to come visit me. There is a ton to do/see in North Carolina, and in Greensboro... I promise it would be fun, plus we have a whole extra bedroom. :D

Think about it.
Love everywhere,

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