Monday, January 7, 2008

The Internet Is Really, Really Great...

On Saturday I saw my very first broadway show!  Em and I went to Avenue Q, which was HILARIOUS, I recommend it to anyone who feels like laughing for 2 hours straight.  On Friday we went into the city to see our friends, Liz and Jacob, who were vacationing and staying at the Waldorf-Astoria.  We ate at Thalia for lunch and walked around the city.  Then, the next day we went back!  Liz and Jacob got us tickets to Avenue Q from TKTS, we had great seats - 3rd row mezzanine.  I loved it.  I loved seeing all of the theaters..where RENT plays, where Wicked plays...someday I'll see those two shows, and it will be amazing :)

After our adventures in the city, we came back to Chatham, so that Em could pack for her trip to Paris.  They left last night in a hurry, and arrived in Paris at 5am, our time.  Now, I'm house sitting.. Elaina came over last night and we hung out in this big empty house, she slept over and kept me safe from the robbers that I swear I can hear during the night.  So far my plans for today are to take a bubble bath and a nap... very exciting - not!  If you live in Jersey and want to hang out, let me know, I'm game!

A new poll was just released from NH that had Obama leading 10% over Clinton, and there's buzz about that she may actually drop out of the race.  I don't know how much truth was in that, I just read it in a random article published this morning.  I'm actually not sure if that makes me happy or not.  Honestly, and this sounds awful - if Clinton drops out, that leaves the decision to be between Edwards and Obama, a black man and a white man.  I hope that our country is able to see them as DEMOCRATIC MEN and not a BLACK MAN and a WHITE MAN.  I hope that enough of our country is able to do that.  I had always thought that racism wasn't so prominent in the US, but my classes in college and other recent events (read: the JENA SIX) have really opened up my eyes to the fact that racism is alive and thriving in the US.  So sad...
Classes start a week from today.  I am taking the most random classes ever, due to a problem with my tuition payment - I was dropped from all of my original classes.  Once the problem was fixed, I couldn't get back into those classes, so now I'm taking : Helping Skills, Cultural Anthropology, Politics of Non-Western World, Abnormal Psychology, and Social Problems.  Kind of strange, but those classes actually fulfill requirements for my cognates and Sociology minor. 

I'm happy to go back to North Carolina and continue researching grad schools.  This May, Em and I are driving to California/Colorado and everywhere in between to look at schools for me.  I can't wait  :)

Love everywhere,

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on the loose said...

so, i wish i could come see you. but i am in London. love you. and have fun in Chatham. : ] x crumbs