Saturday, January 19, 2008


Beautiful new baby kitty!!

Meet the newest member of our family...the un-named kitty boy! He was my birthday present to Em, and he's VERY sweet and VERY cute. He has the loudest purr I've ever heard. He was neutered this morning, so we weren't able to pick him up til around 5pm. Since then, he's been nesting upstairs in my warm bedroom, and we've been letting him get used to that room, our smells, and recovering from his surgery. He's not allowed to meet Sydney for a WEEK..but Syd definitely knows that something's up and that something is IN THAT ROOM!

For a name, we've been throwing around Zeus, Franklin, Sterling.. and a few others. Any ideas!?!


Lindsey said...

hey! he's cute. i got em's message - we have a kitty named zeus and a fish named franklin.

meghan said...

Um, the only name worth giving to a cat that cute is Mr. Lambfries, pronounced Lamb Frys. Lamb for short. The name comes from the movie Funny Farm, and I have wanted to name a cat that for years, but Ray is allergic. :(