Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barack, Paper, Scissors...

Barack Obama won Wisconsin tonight.  Washington and Hawaii polls will be in by the morning.

The other day I was clicked the "Next Blog" button at the top of my blog.  When you click it, Blogger takes you to a completely random blog.  It's kind of cool when you're bored.  It took me to this woman who lives in Washington State (actually, in a town that Em has been to and knows someone from - weird)  Anyways, so this woman was talking about Barack and just RANTING about how we need someone who is more than just a charismatic speaker and that no one can actually list Barack's accomplishments (implying that he has none).  

As most of you know, I would vehemently disagree.  Obama has only ever been a senator, therefore, his accomplishments are really mostly at the state level.  However, those accomplishments can't be dismissed!  And furthermore, this isn't about what Obama or Hillary have done in the PAST, this election is about the FUTURE.  It's about looking at the potential of these candidates, and what they plan on supporting for our country. 

Yes, Obama is charismatic and well spoken.  I can't deny that when I listened to his speech and met him afterwards in Vermont in March of '06, I immediately felt that he HAD to run for president.  He is certainly very captivating and inspiring.  But who's to say that's all he is?  In my opinion, he is much more than someone who is just making us feel good when we listen to him.  He is challenging us to work for positive change and he's promising a better future.  He is more convincing than Hillary, who seems to go against her own opinions often and then claim that everything was a "misunderstanding".  Plus, her tactics tend to be pretty dirty, leaving Obama to defend himself.  And doesn't it make you feel a little strange, the involvement of Bill?  I mean, Michelle Obama has definitely done her share of campaigning, but have we heard of her making untrue accusations of Hillary?  I think not..

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Lindsey said...

i agree. i stumbled across an article that compares their experience and basically shows that obama in fact has more practical experience than clinton - she's been on the national political scene longer, but as the spouse of the president. meanwhile, obama is experienced and knowledgable about constitutional law, he's been a senator, he's been a practicing lawyer, etc. and besides, i think that his so-called lack of experience is a good thing - he doesn't have people/interests he must be loyal to, he brings a fresh outlook. also i was reading a blog and they mentioned that RUPERT freaking MURDOCH held/sponsored a rally for clinton...uh what?!