Friday, February 29, 2008

Take Me Back...

If you remember, last year for Spring Break, Em and I went to Florida... we drove to Stuart and stayed with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Mike, then we drove to Miami and stayed a few nights, and visited my Uncle Dan & Uncle Howard (yes, whatever you're thinking is right!) in Ft. Lauderdale and visited Uncle Howard's gay cowboy bar (!!!!)  We spent time splashing in the ocean, we visited this cool butterfly farm, and we traipsed around Stuart, spending most of our days playing diving games in Em's Aunt & Uncle's awesome screened in pool and going to the Dunkin' Donuts that was surrounded by palm trees!!

I wish we could do the same thing this year for spring break... I am so stressed right now, and so overwhelmed by everything in life.  Right now my ideal spring break would be spent somewhere very warm, curled up in a ball on a blanket, just basking in the sun.  That is all I want.  Just get me out of North Carolina for 5 days, plop me somewhere that is warm where I can splash around in the ocean every couple of hours.


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