Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heidi, Hybrids, and Rugby..

Photobooth can keep you busy for hours.

Yesterday we visited Heidi again...she is 1,000 times better. She was joking, her eyes were more focused, and she was even up walking without people holding on to her! It was so great to just listen to her talk, even if her sentences are slow and a little bit delayed. The doctors are astonished at her improvement in just 7 days. I am just so happy and thankful...

Em had to take the XTerra to the dealership to get it fixed up. So, in the meantime, she rented a car to get us around (since the Neon died last fall). When she got home with the rental, it was a Toyota Prius ... which is a hybrid. We've been driving it around since yesterday morning, and I REALLY like it. Em thinks it's a little too futuristic for her (but I think that since her mom told her that she thought it was too futuristic, it influenced Em's opinion). I really like it. It tells you how many miles to the gallon you're getting - incidentally, the faster you go, the more MPG you get (at one point it was up to somewhere in the 90s!) It's pretty neat to "test drive" a hybrid...I always wondered what it would be like.

This weekend we don't have a rugby match - we canceled our game against Duke because we're all pretty shaken up about what happened to Heidi, and also because we haven't been practicing this week due to the fact that our coach / captain (Em and I) have been at the hospital so much, and taking care of other team members who have been basically living at the hospital. (read: Jackie has been basically living at our house because we live so close to the hospital) We start up again next Saturday with Elon at home. I'll probably be touch judging, because I've decided not to play in games this semester. It's really not worth it, with my concussion from last semester. I've had a lot of support with that decision, so I'm happy with it (even though it's very hard for me..)

That's about all that's going on with me. What's going on with all of you? (I recently found a way to track exactly who is uploading my page, and where they linked it from. I was surprised to see so many people reading this..there are over 100 returning visitors - or people that visit every day or almost everyday. Amazing! Even if I don't know you, leave me a comment and let me know who you are.. I am so curious as to who is reading this from different states and countries :D )

Love everywhere,


kelly. said...

i like the picture. and i am glad your friend is doing better! x kelly

Lindsey said...

i <3 photobooth...we've also made mini videos of the dogs using the videobooth feature.
megan wants a prius...i think they are kind of ugly but since she's the one using the car (and paying for it!) it's up to her...gas is getting so crazy, her having to fill her vw 4 times a week is wayyy too much.

Kelsey said...

THAT PICTURE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MOM. at first i thought it was.