Monday, February 11, 2008

Pictures of you, Pictures of me, Hung upon the wall for the world to see.

Em just sent me this picture from the hospital.  All Heidi wanted to do the last few days was play Guitar Hero in her room, but the TV on the wall is so old that it doesn't have the right hookups for a Wii.  So... to fix the problem, Em unplugged the TV in our bedroom and her and Jackie took it to the hospital - they wheeled it to Heidi's room in a wheelchair!!  So now she is all hooked up and rockin' out.  The guitar hero will be great for working on her hand-eye coordination and stuff like that.

I had to restore the picture (I'm bad at restoring cell phone pictures) so the color is a little weird, but not too bad.  All the pic message said was, "Happy Heidi" ... so I guess she's happy tonight :)  Which of course, makes all of us very happy...

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