Friday, March 7, 2008

And so it begins...

After finishing my Global Families exam this morning, I welcomed the start of Spring Break by walking back to my car in the pouring rain, shivering and cursing the hidden puddles that soaked the bottom of my pants. I am so ready to get out of here!

Our 2 (possibly 2 1/2 or 3!!) week Extravaganza of Excitement is slated to begin today at 1:10pm when Em's mom arrives into the Greensboro airport. We're going out to dinner tonight (possibly Melting Pot? or Buffalo Wild Wings.) and then tomorrow morning we are getting up early and driving to Asheville to tour the Biltmore Estates and we're actually staying at the Biltmore, which should be interesting/beautiful. The Biltmore was an estate where the Vanderbilt family had a beautiful mansion that I'm assuming they used for vacationing or whatever they wanted. On Sunday morning we drive back to Greensboro to hang out, pack for FL, and get Sydney all situated ... she's staying with our neighbor Gwen, who is excited to have a playmate for her Boston Terrier, Neo.

I'll update probably once more before we leave for the Keys.

Much love.

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kelly. said...

have a fun time! love youu&missyouu both! i probably won't talk to you for like, a month or longer cause i probably won't have the internet on my excursion through europe--so stay safe and have an awesome month.! love you tonsss. tell mac all that too..loveee <3