Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Things

First of all, I recently re-discovered my love for Fruit Roll-ups. As a child, they were a big treat because my Dad did the grocery shopping, and he rarely bought us crap that would rot our teeth and make us hyper. I can remember very vividly opening up my lunch at school (although, I bought lunch about 98% of the time, from grades 1-12) and whenever there was a Fruit Roll-Up I would get so excited. (Or a I had a Fruit-Roll-Up Ritual... First, if there were any cut-outs, I would pop them out and eat them bite by bite. Once all of the pop-outs were out, I would roll the remainder into a ball and put the whole thing in my mouth (which makes me cringe now..) and chewed on it until all of the sugar dissolved.

Today while driving home from class, I was suprised to see FIVE cars (three parked, two driving) that had Obama '08 stickers on them. Previous to Obama's visit yesterday, there weren't many stickers around. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the fact that I saw 5 Obama stickers is a big deal for Greensboro, NC. It made me happy, along with the fact that it was 72 degrees and I had the windows down, blasting 'Everyday' by DMB.

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