Monday, March 3, 2008

Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called Cocomo...

Well, it was really last minute, but Em and I just finished booking everything for Spring Break.  We are so incredibly lucky, and I am so thankful that we are able to get away for a few days.  I really, really, really need a relaxing break right now.  We were able to save money by staying in more than one place.

We're basically doing a tour of the Florida Keys (Lindsey, I wish you could come and knock it off your list of places!)  We're flying into Ft. Lauderdale on Monday morning, and then driving to Marathon Key (the middle of the FL Keys) to stay for 4 nights.  During those days, Key West is only an hour away, so I'm sure we'll be visiting there.  Marathon also has a neat Turtle Rescue Center that you can visit..I love turtles!  The next two nights we will be staying in Key Largo, and we have reservations to go on a snorkeling tour at John Pennekamp State Park, which has one of the largest underwater coral reefs in the US!!  There's also a really cool dolphin research center where you can swim with the dolphins, but I'm sure that they'll be booked/super expensive, so maybe we'll just visit them and say hi :)  We have a flight back on Sunday morning, so we should get back into Greensboro on Sunday afternoon.

The weekend before we leave (this weekend) Em's mom is coming to visit!  We fly the next day to FL, and the day after we return, Monday, Meg comes to visit!!  We have 3 days to play and she leaves Thursday morning.  Wednesday night my mom comes to visit, and she's staying until Sunday, so pretty much starting this Friday we have a 2 week stint of EXCITEMENT and VISITS and FUN STUFF, which I think I need desperately.

**Edit**  To add to the AWESOME 2 weeks of fun, the Saturday that my mom is here, Meredith and the Maryland Softball Team are playing at UNC!!  That's actually why mom is coming, haha.  So we get to see Mer if her coaches will let us say hello :) 


Lindsey said...

color me jealous!
i wish i could come! we are rethinking a trip to ga, but are thinking of maybe just heading to greensboro if you'll have us! i'm on break the week of the 24th...which i guess would just be a continuation of your two weeks of fun! nothing's really been discussed too much, but we want to get away for a few days.
i'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

can you add coming to see me play as part of the excitement!!! haha so glad to hear all the funness that is to come your way soon! Love you and miss you lots


Lindsey said...

sidenote: one of my cousin's good friends plays softball for md - whitney i think her name is

The DRC Family said...

We'd love to have you visit Dolphin Research Center (mm 59 Grassy Key-Marathon) during your spring break trip. We have a discount admission coupon on our website Have you tried calling to make a reservation in Dolphin Encounter? If that program is sold out on the days of your visit, we have other great in-water programs you might be able to book. Enjoy the Keys!

Dolphin Research Center

Anonymous said...

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