Monday, March 31, 2008

Waiting on the World to Change

Sometimes I really miss my American Sign Language and Deaf Culture classes. It's so hard to be in other random classes with Interpreting majors or Deaf Education majors, and hear them talking about it... I miss it, even though I am now positive that I no longer want to dedicate my life to teaching the deaf. I do wish, however, that I could still be involved and still finish learning ASL. I was so close to becoming fluent! It's such a shame that I let that waste away in the past year. Sure, I run into my deaf friends on campus, and I can converse with them, but it's harder for me... it's tense, and I often forget simple signs like "how" or "hard".

Today Jenn Curren sent me this great video... and I think it's something you all should watch. It's awesome!

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Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful video. I know it's not much but I think sign language is beautiful, and i'm taking an ASL class next winter, and I can't wait!