Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Things.

It's should be no surprise that I haven't updated since Monday. I had an 8 page paper due Tuesday, an exam Tuesday, then worked from 3:30-8. On Wednesday I only had one class, but I had a huge presentation today that I didn't have time to work on until yesterday, so that is all I did all day. Then, today I skipped my first two classes to continue preparation for my presentation at 4. I went to class from 4-6:50, and then came back here to work on a paper that is due tomorrow at 10am.

This week has been killer ... but I am one page away from freedom. I just can't get myself motivated enough to finish this paper. It's an interesting one though - I interviewed one of Kelsey's friends who was born in South Africa for this group paper that I'm doing with a partner from class. I just need to finish my part and then merge the two parts together.

Sorry for such a boring post. I'm so tired, so head-achey. I got the job I was interviewing for, the job transcribing interviews for a Sociologist at UNCG. I'm pretty excited, actually. You can't beat $13 an hour, working at home at whatever time I feel like. I'm so thankful for my professor/neighbor/friend Gwen, she put me in contact with the professor who hired me.

My presentation today was on Pediatric Cancer and Neuroblastoma. I've become somewhat numb to it by now. I can remember back to the days when I had a Livejournal and those horrible, gut wrenching posts that I used to make about Liam and other little ones with NB. I really enjoyed researching for that presentation though, and I loved that I got to spend about 5 minutes at the end just talking about the little man, Liam! I got a 49/50 on the presentation, I only lost one point for going over the time limit (20 minutes). It's funny...before I started working on it yesterday, I never thought I'd be able to get 20 minutes out of it ... and when I finally finished, I was SHOCKED that the first time I rehearsed it, it took 32 minutes!

Alright, time to finish that paper so that I can get some more sleep. I'll leave you all with a little piece of happiness...

My all-time favorite picture of Superman! You will live on forever through that beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, little buddy. I love you.

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