Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dusty Trail, Flagstaff in a faded photograph..

Em and I just finished figuring out all of the details for our trip to Arizona next week.  I know it feels like we're constantly traveling...well, we kind of are.  But we don't really spend our money on anything else, because we both like to travel, and that's more worth it to us.

We fly out of Raleigh around dinnertime on Thursday, and get into Phoenix at midnight.  The funny part is that we have a layover in CHICAGO... which is ridiculously out of the way, but it was worth it for the price of the tickets.  We're staying the night in Phoenix, then getting up Friday morning to drive to Flagstaff.  Em wants to show me around NAU (Northern Arizona University) and all of her favorite places in Flagstaff.  That day we're also visiting the Grand Canyon, which is no big deal to Em since she lived 1.5 hours from it for 5 years, but to me, it's SO EXCITING!  I know that there isn't much to do at the Grand Canyon except go to a lookout and look at it, but still, it's something that I am so excited to have the chance to do!!

That night we're staying in Flagstaff, and then getting up early on Saturday to drive south to Sedona, then continuing on to Tucson to stay Saturday night.  On Sunday we're going to hang out around Tucson, and then at 5pm we are going to Candice's wedding!  Candice was Em's roommate at NAU for two years, and Em is really excited to see her again and meet her fiance/husband.  

After the wedding, we're driving halfway back up to Phoenix and staying in Casa Grande, AZ at a random golfing resort (it was the cheapest!), and Monday morning we'll get up and fly back to Raleigh.  We're missing minimal classes, and I've been saving up my absences all semester because I knew that we'd have to miss Monday and Friday classes for next weekend.

I really am nervous to visit Arizona.  I'm so excited to visit somewhere new, I've never been anywhere in the southwest before.  But, as I've said before, I don't want anyone to be angry that I am going there.  I've been told before that I shouldn't try to be a part of Em's Arizona life..and that's never what I would want to do.  I am just excited for her to be able to show me the part of her life that she really loved for a long time, before she decided that she needed something new.  I'm nervous to meet her friends though, because I am 4 years younger than Em and some people just don't get it that age has never really been a factor for us.  I can be mature and Em can be ... well, if you know Em, you understand ;-)

Time to sign off... I'll post again soon.


Lindsey said...

it's so beautiful out there - my favorite part is the transition from phoenix to flag. also going down to sedona from flag.
don't worry about what people may say, you can't control them...just enjoy yourself and enjoy seeing az with em.
i'm jealous!

kelly. said...

you are going to have such an awesome time in arizona. i am kinda jealous almost that you are going. i hate to admit that cause i wanted to get away so bad! :/ but i am sure you are going to have an amazing time and you will immediately understand why she loved it there for so long.

don't worry about meeting everyone, just be yourself and have a good time :)

take loads of pictures! and make sure you love sedona for me, it is my favorite place. and make sure mac takes you by mcconnell, (we both lived there freshman year!) its my favorite building at nau!!

love you cop o pop pop e roppp!
x kellycrumbs :)