Sunday, April 20, 2008

Serendipity '08

Em and I took some good pictures of us from Serendipity, but her camera has been MIA for the past 24 hours, so I had to steal one off Facebook for now. This is me yesterday before our match. At halftime I actually had to switch to another random dress because this one was so tight I could barely breathe! I knew when I bought it that it would be tight, but I didn't realize it would make my ribs feel like they'd been crushed this morning!! Oh well, the rest of my body felt kind of as if it had been crushed as well, but that's the usual morning-after-a-rugby-game feeling. We won the game 5-0, which is great because we haven't been able to beat Guilford College all year - only tie. In the game last November in which I scored two tries (like touchdowns) and then had my nose broken, we tied 10-10. I was heartbroken to get the news at the hospital that they had scored two tries to match my own! Then earlier this semester we tied them 5-5. Luckily, yesterday we were able to score a try early on and then hold them off for the rest of the game. I love that!!

We went out Thursday night for my birthday, and I spent all day Friday recovering. I had actually been hungover worse in the past, but this was pretty bad as well. I can't complain because Thursday night was so much fun! After recovery, Friday night we went to the Q where there was a big celebration for my birthday and Heidi's (whose is the day after mine). It was great! We even had a big cupcake-cake with candles and everyone sang...I don't think I've ever been sung to by so many people before :-) Em and I didn't stay out long because we were both still pretty exhausted from the night before.

Alright, it's 8:30 and we haven't eaten. I'm starving as all I've had today is a bagel with melted cheese. Hope all is well everywhere.

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