Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good news/Bad news.

Sweet puppy Sydney... this picture was taken in October '06 on our ride home for fall break. She looks so tiny. Today she weighed in at 72 lbs!

We got the preliminary test results back from Sydney's ultrasound today. There's good news and bad news. The good news - there is not a mass in Syd's abdomen. Actually, this is better than "good" news, this is the "BEST" news, in my opinion. But, the bad news - they still can't figure out what's wrong. Her blood counts are all screwy, and they did a tick test, and she's showing up positive for Lymes Disease. Which sounds simple enough ... except that Sydney was vaccinated against Lyme in the last year, and she's been on Advantix (flea&tick preventative). Plus, it's the end of winter..what dog gets a tick during the winter? Our vet seems to think that it may be a false positive. (?!)

So, Sydney is a mystery case. They are sending out her ultrasound and xrays to a radiologist for more information, and we should get those results tomorrow. Until we get a real answer, Sydney has a shaved tummy and Em and I are $600 in the hole...

Aside from the anxiousness from waiting for the phone call today about Sydney, it's been a relatively good day. We're discussing Personality Disorders in my Abnormal Psych class...which is really fascinating. Right now we're discussing Antisocial Personality Disorder (aka Sociopaths & Psychopaths). We talked about Scott Peterson for awhile today... creepy. After AbPsy I went to finish typing up a paper and then went to Gender, Crime & Deviance, where we discussed Sexual Deviance. Our two articles for this week were on Women in Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and Strategies of Table Dancers (strippers). So that class was interesting, as it always is. However, I found myself somewhat zoned out, thinking about Sydney and wondering what is wrong with her...

I'm absolutely exhausted from going to bed at 3am last night and then waking up at 6:30am to drive Sydney to High Point. I really want to catch up on all of my sleep this week before we head to Arizona. Em is so excited, it's so cute! I know she's really excited to show me everything. We are praying for good weather, and Em says she thinks we'll get it. It's supposed to be in the 90s in Tucson on the day of the wedding!

Until next time


Lindsey said...

glad it's not cancer! hopefully they can figure it out and fix her!
your classes sound awesome!
damn 90 degrees...i'm not sure if i'm jealous or not.

Rachel Dolgin said...

awww sydney! i hope they can figure out whats wrong soon so that syd can have a quick revovery. that must be real stressful. i'll keep her in my thoughts fo sho.

im MAD jealous that you're gettin to see the canyon and the SW...thats actually next on my list of places to go after the south pacific...haha. seriously! have an AMAZING time and make sure you make a mental note of sweet places where i should go when i visit.

also, can you send me your address?


p.s. pretend i didn't tell you, but it looks like im gonna have an excuse to visit you and em!!!! ::hint hint:: (i was supposed to let my bro tell you first so shhhh!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!