Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greetings from Arizona

We made it safely to Arizona (after delays and almost missing our connecting flight in Chicago...never seen Em run so fast!! hehe). Last night we slept in Phoenix, then this morning took the scenic drive to Flagstaff. Em showed me around NAU, which looked great. Then we went to the Grand Canyon! It was wonderful and breath-taking and I definitely want to visit it again in the future and take advantage of the awesome services they offer there, like hiking down into the canyon .. or riding in a helicopter over it!! I snapped this picture with my phone, sorry for the poor quality (and the random lady in a velour jumpsuit who wandered into my view!) We saw a California Condor while we were there. They're an endangered species - there are only 300 living in the world. Em was very excited.
Tomorrow we are hanging out in Flagstaff for a little bit so that Em can see a few more friends, and then we are heading down to Sedona. After that, we are grabbing dinner with another one of Em's friends and then driving to Tucson for the night. I'm excited for Tucson, it sounds like a really eclectic and eccentric kind of place. I like those places.
Time for bed, lots to do in the next few days!
I miss my hound dog, hopefully she is having a great time at Gwen's this weekend.
Peace, Love, and Flagstaff,


Lindsey said...

i think the lady in the velor (uh, spelling?) pantsuit adds a lot to the picture :-)
have fun! can't wait to hear about the trip!

kelly. said...

i am glad you are having fun.! : ]