Friday, April 25, 2008

There's Only Us, There's Only This...

On Wednesday for Suzi's birthday I took her to see the national tour of RENT. She'd never seen it except for the movie. The production was really great ... Em was a little more critical than me, because she's seen lots of shows and I've only seen one ;-) But I really liked it... I love those songs, I mean, who doesn't?! It really brought back memories for me, of being younger, when I first was introduced to RENT..

Last night Em, Kim and I went to a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game. Those games are so fun because tickets are really cheap - under $10, and on Thursdays they have Thirsty Thursdays where beers are only $1 ... of course, I've been going to Thirsty Thursdays since I was a freshman, but now that I'm legal I don't have to worry about being sneaky :-) After Thirsty Thursday we went over to Stumble Stiltskins, a bar downtown, and had fun until about 2am. I was not ready to get up this morning at 8:30 for class!!! I did anyway.

I'm babysitting today from 3:30 - 11, and then again tomorrow night from 6-11. I really need the money, as I don't have enough to pay my bills right now. Ugh, money is so frustrating sometimes. I really budgeted out my year well up until now. And the problem wasn't going to Arizona - the plane ticket/hotel/rental car wasn't the issue - it's the fact that I didn't really factor in the food and sightseeing, which of course costs money. So I'm about $100 short of what I thought I'd have at this point in the semester.

I need a nap.

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